Hbot +stem cells together what do we know about ?

Hi everybody I get permission to shere this informations from LEAH RODAS, Administrator and central coordinator for the Center of dr Dr. Richard Neubauer’s ( may be not everybody knows but he is one of first doctors who started to treat neurological conditions with Hbot.) Dr. Neubauer’s pioneering work with hyperbaric oxygen and the potentially recoverable brain led to the development of the first medical center in the world to focus on the role of HBOT in aiding the recovery of patients from stroke, coma, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, and anoxic encephalopathy.

This one was one of reference dr Arun Mukherjee was using during his presentation at latest Denver Hbot conference 2018 :

But it was about this study as well: ( part of presentation)

case of study:

About stem cells and Hbot for congenital heart condition :

But it’s for carmiopathy case ( so stem cells injections was done near heart zone where located the problem of patient)….

Day 1 lecture 7 Arun Mukherjee:

Stem cells +Hbot ( sorry I can’t openly share this dr Arun Mukherjee PowerPoint presentation ) but you can contact me by my mail and ask privately send it to you.

So here on photos: presentation of : “Stem cells therapy and HBO for brain-injured children and cerebral palsy “ ; J L Diaz – Barbosa & F J Morales; Proc. 3d Int. symp. For CP and the brain-injured child, July 2003, Fort Lauderdale, fl,USA)

I think first : it’s old presentation 2003…. and they where using embryonic stem cells !!!! So honestly this kind of stem cells can grow to teratomas…

But in presentation of dr Arun Mukherjee he is talking about MSC ( if I understood well ? Allogenic Wharton Jelly)

So why he used such kind referral in his 2018 presentation ? With embryonic sheeps cells? For me it’s just incomprehensible….


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