Neuralink what do you think?

Neuralink what do you think?

I am sorry I am brain injured child mum so i am scepical and veru critical… ok? So this is just my thoughts about Neuralink presentation:

1)Cortical only level for naw ( they don’t go yet deeper)?

2)Elon Musk Neuralink haw much he gains 2020?

3) I am sorry that I am so critical but I am firsthand want to see proofs that it’s works ? To put in head of healthy pigs don’t prove anything to me ?

Not into paralyzed pigs ?!

4) Honestly he was talking about deep brain stimulation ( at the beginning) I personally know 3 children’s – the inventor of DBS is french neurochirurgien -as I was told – (professeur Philippe COUBES ? )I met him – so in 3 children’s I know which had sdb by him – it’s in fact don’t work 2-3 years – after still searching level of stimulation neded ….

I don’t know even one person for whom it’s works DBS? there’s re a lot published studies and they are sayin it’s works…where they 150000 persons for who un it worked I am searching them for 2 years! ? Any testimonials?,_Final.pdf


5) What they are going to do with atrophy of mussels and with bones deformities?


they are giving technical briefings to bring in the best talent to bring this device to every person who needs it (great, but of course CEO Elon made $ 30,000 billion this year)?

Our brain is like an electrical network, and when it is damaged, it emits weak signals (but can electronics be compared to biology?) Neural communication amplifies weak signals (and much more in terms of reading and writing to the brain) and in the distant future will the tertiary level of the brain’s AI to do what the neural connection cannot do. Is this the largest technological and medical development since the 1800s. ????? I am not sure about this ….

Have they already got FDA approval for a breakthrough device? Is it money or real progress? An artificially implanted chip? I have a lot of questions and I am very careful about this …

So what is all this ?

All this is PR and money making? Better to promise to send people to Mars. It is normal to collect money from dreamers, but not from the sick.

Yes. Work is underway on impulse-controlled prostheses. And if you manage to decorate the signals, then you can mentally control some auxiliary devices. It is a well-known misconception that we can surpass our creator. It is enough to look at the medieval paintings of how they tried to make a man with the help of springs and gears.

They do not yet know how to translate the chemistry of the brain and thinking into a conscious binary code. While they can train a person to strain something and relax something simple. For example, take a glass of prostheses controlled by a brain impulse.

So it’s gives realistic perspective….

Also : « « Former employees told Stat News that the company was chaotic, and that researchers were under intense pressure to rush through projects. Scientists were sometimes given weeks to complete projects that should take months, for example. “They are building a medical device and a surgical approach to implant that medical device, and they’re approaching it with the use of a tech company — move fast and break things,” one employee said. »

What could go wrong ah?

« The announcement of the technology was based on two white papers published in bioRxiv, reports written by NeuraLink scientists and not peer-reviewed. In both published white papers, no attempt has been made to use the recorded neuronal data for the purposes of a BCI, and no attempts to simulate neurons through NeuraLink have been reported.

It’s fairly likely the company has achieved more than is reported in the white papers, the nature of scientific research being that breakthroughs are sometimes made years before they can be published. »

« Neuralink’s microscopically slender electrodes are designed to provide longer-term recording than current electrodes and produce less tissue damage, but it’s still not clear how this will stand up over time. In the first study cited, recordings were made from one rat implanted with the electrodes for 60 days, with the implants falling off prematurely in the other three rats studied.

By comparison, the Utah array has reported longevity of six to nine years when implanted into a primate brain. »

You see I eventually don’t use any my own words ….

And this one :