therapies of discussion

Blog is not only about Hbot even if I will of cause i will start from it but not only…
It’s also about: all alternatives therapies I did tried for my son Marc after his anoxic injury
  1. My first reason: because I am a bit overwhelmed with too much personal messages from parents via Facebook so I thinks it could be solution I just can’t answer 20 parents per day …. but I can give links on my articles and scientific researches publications on my blog….
  1. So I will do it in 3 languages
English / French and Russian ( yes I am reading in 3 languages scientific research so as we saw alredy somtimes it could be interesting even for professionals of Hbot like my research about pregnancy and Hbot and scientific studies which was done in Russia)
  1. I will post a lot of scientific studies and articles from parent point of vue on a lot not recognized «alternatives therapies” I think it can be interesting.
  2. So I think blog can give much more lager visitability so I can reach this way more parents and doctors as well. It’s time to be listen parents point of vue on all this therapies so that’s why I am doing it. I hope to have gig parents oarticipation in blog : why? Because we have to tell mainstream doctors what we think about “not recognized “ therapies and I think a lot of doctors/ professionals will react…. if we will have a lot of traffic on this blog we can gain voice and some kind of response from mainstream doctors and so we will have a lot to tell about! Just closed Facebook will not change the world…. we need to go out from shadow …. like Texas law was only possible because ordinary people did it….I have a story to tell – story of my son ( yes it will expose our personal life but I think I have to do it in order to help more parents)….
  3. You will be welcome to shere to post and to tell what you think on my blog and comments will be visible
I will develop articles about each therapy we did for my son Marc
Yes starting from standard hospital reheducation program and Botox injections
-intensive therapies (4 hours per day)
-shock waves
-stem cells
-Gyrostim and neuroplasticity centers
– neurofeedback