As I promised, I am publishing a full report after our trip to Uzbekistan (Tashkent):

First of all, why did we go there? I already knew Dr. Bugorsky before, we visited him in a clinic near Moscow in 2019, you can read about it on my blog:

But now traveling to Russia for treatment from abroad is not realistic! Therefore, naturally, when I found out that he opened a clinic in Uzbekistan and that you can buy a new Rehaline machine there instead of PoNS, we flew to Tashkent. And besides, I wanted to try spinal stimulation:

The invention of spinal stimulation belongs to Gerasimenko and the patent is also Russian and USA / and he personally advised me to go to Evgeniy in Uzbekistan…(yes, I correspond by email with dr Gerasimenko).

English patent:

Russian patent (look at what year the Russian patent was filed 😉

Well, first of all: Tashkent is a very beautiful modern city and Uzbekistan is completely open for visiting by foreign tourists (it’s a very safe city; I was at the French embassy about this and discussed the security situation – for 3 years there has not been a single case of robbery of French tourists!)

In Paris there are more problems with robbing Uzbek students than with tourists in Tashkent! But the flight time to Tashkent by plane is very long: 6 hours of flight from Paris and back 7 hours and 30 minutes! Of course it’s too far!

A lot of countries do not need a visa (Europeans/USA, Australia, etc.)…90 countries have the possibility of visa-free entry into Uzbekistan.

Video about Tashkent:

But the negative: firstly, this is a former post-Soviet republic (quite poor population), the clinic has not yet organized a special meeting at the airport for foreigners, and local taxi drivers who will literally “attack” you when leaving the airport, persistently trying to sell you a taxi – may shock you a little 😜 actually, their service for disabled people in Tashkent is poorly established (until the clinic improves it – traveling with a child in a wheelchair is very difficult – there are a lot of stairs / there are no elevators!)

The second negative: almost no one speaks English (a translator is definitely needed – but again, this service has not yet been established at the clinic, but they said it will be established)…. But everyone speaks Russian – yes, parents like me,

from the former Soviet- union will be quite familiar with situation.


Very tasty and inexpensive food: “PLOV”! (so many types!) Did you know that in December 2016, “PLOV” was added to UNESCO’s list of intangible heritage? Now you know!

meat: how do they cook veal & beef and lamb like this? I don’t know, but it’s very tasty – and very cheap (compared to the USA, everything is natural / gorgeous local fruits / awesome local cuisine – very similar to Turkish but with seasonings and be sure to ask if it’s spicy 🌶️….

In addition to PLOV and lagman, national Uzbek cuisine is proud of such dishes as basma (meat stewed with vegetables), manti (finely chopped meat rolled into thin dough; the dish is steamed), chuchvara (dumplings), shurpa (soup with meat and potatoes ).

About the clinic video:

MMS Clinic here is their brochure in the photo:

So far, 2 floors of the clinic are completely ready (separate rooms for accommodation with shower and toilet), accommodation in the clinic itself is very cheap compared to a hotel per night… (but honestly, I personally don’t like being accommodated in a clinic and generally living in hospital conditions, although the clinic and rooms are European level) but personally we don’t like living in hospitals… and a hospital environment when you go out into the corridor and there are other patients there, etc….

Therefore, we always prefer to live and asked to study in our 4* hotel, especially since it was the New Year holidays and the clinic was closed on New Year’s Day! Yes, that’s why both the doctor Dr. Bugorsky and the physical therapist came to our hotel! I discussed this with the doctor in advance because we could only come during the New Year…

But naturally, we personally saw the clinic and 2 floors have been completely completed – the clinic will be even larger since the remaining 3 floors will also be completed and the cosmetology direction will also be open and possible (the use of exosomes both for cosmetology and for the treatment of cerebral palsy and Autism) they are in the process negotiations with the center in Samara (from where I received exosomes for Mark)…. But these are plans and how it turns out… we’ll see…

And the last video interview with dr Bugorsky (where I ask questions that parents of children with cerebral palsy asked me) which I already published to you before: