The safety of hyperbaric oxygen treatment

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is a medical treatment which is also used in autism/Cp /anoxic injury etc….



The safety of hyperbaric oxygen treatment – retrospective analysis in 2,334 patients:

Oxygen could be toxic if not administered properly, so that’s why I want tell parents about this fact and I advice to take consultation with specialist ( of your choice) before any HBOT treatment ( whichever type of pressure or type of chambers you choose to use it’s safer if treatment monitored by HBOT doctor especially if supplemental oxygen is added)

Part I

Oxygen toxicity:

Protocols for the avoidance of hyperoxia exist in fields where oxygen is breathed at higher-than-normal partial pressures but protocol must be monitored.

But not much centers are doing complete check up ( as i am doing for Marc before/after HBOT)


Blood tests

Medical tests and checking his tubes and ears

Vision tests

His heart beats / pulse rate and pressure and oxymeter are measured, every day before/and after HBOT

So I know that he doesn’t get oxygen toxicity from his HBOT treatment.

Patients at risk for pulmonary oxygen toxicity should be monitored for oxygen saturation and increased work of breathing. They can be evaluated by pulmonary function testing and chest x-rays which can show signs of ARDS.

(In Israel we did X-Rays for marc and me(as we are going with him inside the chamber)

Similarly, eye exams assessing acuity and looking for lens opacification can be done to detect early ocular oxygen toxicity. (Also did all ayes tests before starting HBOT)

CNS toxicity manifests as described and will often have tachycardia and diaphoresis as well. (as well because my son condition is WPW = tachycardia possible in his case so this point and blood pressure is monitored every day)

Aborting a hyperbaric exposure when these signs are present can prevent seizure occurrence!!

So here or file with docs to read:

Oxygen Toxicity :

The effects of oxygen toxicity may be classified by the organs affected, producing three principal forms:

• Central nervous system, characterised by convulsions followed by unconsciousness, occurring under hyperbaric conditions;

• Pulmonary (lungs), characterised by difficulty in breathing and pain within the chest, occurring when breathing increased pressures of oxygen for extended periods;

• Ocular (retinopathic conditions), characterised by alterations to the eyes, occurring when breathing increased pressures of oxygen for extended periods.

Central nervous system oxygen toxicity can cause seizures, brief periods of rigidity followed by convulsions and unconsciousness, and is of concern to divers who encounter greater than atmospheric pressures. Pulmonary oxygen toxicity results in damage to the lungs, causing pain and difficulty in breathing. Oxidative damage to the eye may lead to myopia or partial detachment of the retina. Pulmonary and ocular damage are most likely to occur when supplemental oxygen is administered as part of a treatment, particularly to newborn infants, but are also a concern during hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Oxygen toxicity seizures (Bert effect) can occur with hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a dose-dependent relationship. The overall risk may be as frequent as 1 in 2000 to 3000 treatments. However, this risk may be as high as 1 in 200 at higher pressures (2.8 to 3.0 times normal atmospheric pressure or one atmosphere absolute (ATA)) and as low as 1 in 10,000 for treatment at 2 ATA or less. One study looking at the hyperbaric treatment of decompression illnesses noted an overall incidence of oxygen toxicity events of 7%. The incidence of pulmonary toxicity (Smith effect) was 5%, while 2% for central nervous system symptoms, and a seizure rate of 0.6%.

Central nervous system signs and symptoms:

• Headache

• Irritability and anxiety

• Dizziness

• Disorientation

• Hyperventilation

• Hiccups

• Cold shivering

• Fatigue and restless ( difficulty to sleep)

• Tingling in the limbs

• Visual changes such as blurring and tunnel vision

• Tinnitus and Hearing disturbances

• Nausea

• Twitching

• Tonic–clonic seizure

Pulmonary toxicity signs and symptoms:

• Mild tickle sensation on inhalation

• Mild burning on inhalation

• Uncontrollable coughing

• Hemoptysis

• Dyspnea

• Rales

• Fever

• Hyperemia of the nasal mucosa

• CXR shows inflammation and pulmonary edema


• In premature babies, retinopathy of prematurity and retrolental fibroplasia

• Cataract formation (long-term exposure)

And now some studies about and links:

1) Several side effects and complications from hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy have been described, with varying degrees of seriousness. By far, the two most frequent and benign side effects comprise middle ear barotrauma, which has been noted in up to 2% of treated patients, and can be prevented or minimized by teaching autoinflation techniques, or by inserting tympanostomy tubes. Another frequent complaint is claustrophobia, both during multiplace and monoplace chamber compression, requiring reassurance, coaching and, at times, sedation. Other more rare, but more severe side effects derive from oxygen (O2) toxicity, from the multiple exposures required for chronic treatments, especially progressive myopia, usually transient and reversible after stopping HBO2 sessions, or pulmonary dyspnea, with cough and inspiratory pain. More serious O2-induced seizures happen rarely, at higher O2 pressures, and often during acute treatments in acidotic patients (carbon monoxide poisoning). Source :

2)Oxygen delivered in supraphysiological amounts is currently under investigation as a therapy for brain injury. Hyperoxia can be delivered to the brain under normobaric as well as hyperbaric conditions. In this study the authors directly compare hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) and normobaric hyperoxia (NBH) treatment effects.

And here if somebody wants to read comparaison bethween normobaric and hyperbaric oxygen toxicity :

( oh it’s TBI but the same processes we have for all human metabolism for others injuries as well….)

« Hyperbaric O2 has a more robust posttreatment effect than NBH on oxidative cerebral metabolism related to its ability to produce a brain tissue PO2 ≥ 200 mm Hg. However, it appears that O2 treatment for severe TBI is not an all or nothing phenomenon but represents a graduated effect. No signs of pulmonary or cerebral O2 toxicity were present. »

3)clinical trail of dr Harch for oxygen toxicity :


And here about oxygen /hemoglobin etc

Under normobaric conditions, the majority of oxygen is transported within the erythrocytes bound to hemoglobin. Breathing of 100% oxygen already results in a 100% saturation of hemoglobin.

5)Dr. J. Lorrain Smith first described the toxic effect of oxygen on the lungs in 1899. He noted that the severity of the effect increased with increasing pO2 and that the effects where largely reversible. As shown in the diagram, the toxic effects of oxygen at partial pressures between 0.45 ATA and 1.6 ATA are primarily on the lungs while the toxic effect at pO2s over 1.6 ATA are primarily on the brain.

The earliest sign of pulmonary (lung) oxygen toxicity is a mild irritation in the trachea (throat) that is made worse with deep inspiration. A mild cough develops next, followed by more severe irritation and cough until inspiration becomes quite painful and the cough becomes uncontrollable. If exposure to oxygen is continued, the person will notice chest tightness, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and if exposure is continued long enough, the person will die, from lack of oxygen! The progressive damage to the lungs eventually makes it impossible for the oxygen to get to the blood as it passes through the lungs. The time to onset of symptoms is highly variable but most individuals can tolerate 12-16 hours of oxygen at 1.0 ATA, 8-14 hours at 1.5 ATA, and 3-6 hours at 2.0 ATA before developing mild symptoms. There are several ways to track developing pulmonary oxygen toxicity but the most sensitive and accurate is the development of symptoms. A second technique is to monitor the vital capacity. Vital capacity (the amount of air that can be moved in one large breath) decreases with increasing pulmonary toxicity. A reduction of approximately 2% in vital capacity correlates with mild symptoms while a reduction of 10% correlates symptoms so severe that most individuals will not voluntarily continue breathing oxygen. These mild effects are completely reversible and no permanent lung damage occurs. However, the damage will take 2 to 4 weeks to heal. The pathology of pulmonary oxygen toxicity is understood but beyond the scope of this discussion.

A third way to keep track, in rough terms, of pulmonary oxygen toxicity is to keep track of the oxygen exposure. This technique is called calculating the Unit Pulmonary Toxic Dose (UPTD) and one UPTD is equivalent to breathing 100% oxygen, for one minute, at 1.0 ATA. As a guide, 615 UPTDs in one day will cause a 2% reduction in vital capacity and 1,425 units will cause a 10% decrease. There are several different ways to calculate the UPTD (some try to correct for increasing toxic effects with increasing dose, in addition to the simple pO2) and there is quite wide variation in individual tolerance so that symptoms are still the best guide. The situation where UPTDs are most useful is in planning a large number of dives, in a few days, all involving a large amount of oxygen decompression or CCR diving. Even then, the dive plan may have to be altered if the diver develops symptoms of pulmonary toxicity.

The first and most important method to prevent pulmonary oxygen toxicity is to limit exposure to the lowest possible pO2 for the shortest period of time.

The second method to prevent pulmonary oxygen toxicity is to provide air breaks.

Part II

HBOT fire security and obligations:

NFPA 99 2015 Chapter 14 Hyperbaric Facility

2012 NFPA Ch 14 student handout–fbXsPPVLIdQ8i_sIGgh6gh9rGXke16FPffkZBCG1vmjFp6I3bp_Ayd

Thanks Svetlana

Hbot Emelynn story

In this article i will tell you about this small girl:

Emelynn. She had near drowning accident at 18-month-old. And she is one of “Hbot miraculous healing “….

I post the exact words of Dorothy Mae Davis mother of Emelynn:

“I’m going to try to keep this as short and to the point as possible. Not that I dont want to talk about it, I just don’t want to overwhelm anyone with a long post so please feel free to ask any questions, anytime. My daughter Emelynn nearly drowned last summer in our pool. It was warm water (June in Arizona). As far as we can tell she was down upwards of 10 minutes. Another 10-15 minutes or so of CPR. Her heart and lungs were strong from the beginning. Her MRI showed « moderate global injury ». She was also blind for about 5 weeks due to CVI. We were in the hospital and inpatient rehab a total of 7 weeks. Started HBOT right after coming home. We have done 40 dives at 1.3 and 20 more at 1.5. After the first 40 dives a new MRI showed « mild intermittent atrophy ». We were told she would « never walk, may learn a few words over her lifetime and probably be able to follow a few simple commands. That she would be wheelchair bound and spend most of her time spaced out and not able to interact with people around her. Her life expectancy was 30 years with excellent care. » She was also on 5 seizure meds. We are a little over 1 year out from her accident and while her speech is still delayed and her coordination is still off, she walks, talks, feeds herself, bathes herself (with instruction) and helps dress herself. We weaned off all meds and onto CBD oil and eventually off of that too. Our nuerologist is an atheist and does not believe in « miracles » but when asked what he thought of her, he said « all I can say is that she is a miracle. ». He does not believe that HBOT or CBD had anything to do with her recovery, that it was her body naturally healing itself. Whatever he chooses to beleive is fine with me, because I know that HBOt saved my baby and God carried us through. This video was taken a couple of weeks before the 1 year anniversary of her drowning on June 10, 2017. In the comments I will link to the news story a local paper did on us if you want to read it. Please feel free to ask any questions. I would not have made it this far without amazing people like Kristal Carlson (Eden’s mother) who answered (and still does) my many questions. I hope my miracle baby inspires you all and that you all have great results if you choose to go with HBOT. 💜💋🇺🇸”

And on link article published about this family:


Je veux vous parler histoire de cet fille de usa : Emelynn et hbot. Sa maman Dorothy Mae Davis m’a donné permission de poster son vidéo pour que en france aussi les parents se réveil et se rendre compte que hbot peut rehalment aider ici le cas anoxie cérébrale est est presque noyé à l’âge de 18 mois….

Ici traduction en français : ( directement poste de sa maman sur page de mon fils donc c’est exactement ses paroles pas les miennes) 🙂

« Je vais essayer de garder cela aussi court et précis que possible. Ce n’est pas que je ne veux pas en parler, je ne veux pas submerger quelqu’un avec un long post alors n’hésitez pas à poser des questions, à tout moment. Ma fille Emelynn s’est presque noyée l’été dernier dans notre piscine. C’était de l’eau chaude (juin en Arizona). Pour autant que nous puissions dire qu’elle était dans l’eau 10 minutes. Encore 10-15 minutes de RCR. Son cœur et ses poumons étaient en arêtes dès le début. Son IRM a montré « une lésion globale modérée ». Elle était également aveugle pendant environ 5 semaines en raison de CVI. Nous étions à l’hôpital et en cure médicales pour un total de 7 semaines. Commencé HBOT juste après être rentré à la maison. Nous avons fait 40 plongées à 1,3 ata et 20 de plus à 1,5ata Après les 40 premières plongées, une nouvelle IRM a montré une « légère atrophie intermittente ». On nous a dit a l’hôpital qu’elle «ne marcherait jamais, qu’elle apprendrait peut-être quelques mots au cours de sa vie et qu’elle serait probablement capable de suivre quelques commandes simples qu’elle serait en fauteuil roulant et qu’elle passerait le plus clair de son temps à ne pas pouvoir interagir avec les autres. Son espérance de vie était de 30 ans avec d’excellents soins.  » Elle était également sur 5 médicaments. Nous sommes à un peu plus d’un an de son accident et alors que son discours est toujours retardé et sa coordination est toujours éteinte, elle se promène, parle, se nourrit, se baigne (avec instruction) et aide à s’habiller. Nous nous sommes sevrés tous les médicaments et sur l’huile de CBD et finalement hors de cela aussi. Notre nuerologue est athée et ne croit pas aux « miracles » mais quand on lui demande ce qu’il pense d’elle, il dit « tout ce que je peux dire, c’est qu’elle est un miracle ». Il ne croit pas que l’OHB ou le CBD ait quelque chose à voir avec son rétablissement, que c’est son corps qui se guérit naturellement. Tout ce qu’il choisit de croire est bon pour moi, parce que je sais que HBOt a sauvé mon bébé et que Dieu nous a transportés. Cette vidéo a été prise quelques semaines avant le premier anniversaire de sa noyade le 10 juin 2017. Dans les commentaires, je post un reportage local qu’un journal local a fait sur nous si vous voulez le lire. N’hésitez pas à poser des questions. Je ne l’aurais pas fait jusqu’ici sans des gens extraordinaires comme Kristal Carlson (la mère d’Eden) qui a répondu (et continue de le faire) à mes nombreuses questions. J’espère que mon miracle bébé vous inspire tous et que vous avez tous d’excellents résultats si vous choisissez d’aller avec HBOT. 💜💋🇺🇸 »

Et ici article en anglais pour cet fille:

Et ici groupe français de mon fils:

Et group anglophone pour quelqu’un qui intéressée ( on a les professionnels et MD de hbot dans cet groupe donc vous pouvez avoir leur réponses sur vos concrètes cas si vous demandais :

My selection of Hbot documents and studies:

Study which makes me decide to go to Israel and do Hyperbare for my son:

First one it was about cardiac arrest survivors:

( my son is one of them so it’s normal I wanted to go to the center Hyperbare where they did scientific study about):

“Anoxic Brain Damage (ABD)

Cognitive impairment may occur in 42-50% of cardiac arrest survivors. An additional pilot study conducted at the Sagol Hyperbaric Center at Assaf Harofe Medical Center, where patients were treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) 0.5-7.5 (mean 2.6+_0.6 years)after the cardiac arrest, Even though HBOT was started at the late chronic phase, it induced significant cognitive improvements in all of the patients. The clinical improvements were well documented by neuro-cognitive tests and correlated with improved ability to perform the activities of daily living and quality of life. The most significant measurable improvements were in executive functions, attention and memory. The clinical improvement correlated with metabolic improvement of the injured brain tissue as was well visualized by brain metabolic imaging.”

( read subtitles ) the biggest hbot center in Israel ( and prof dr Efrati)

You have his cv and scientific publications at the end of cv

Second study which influenced my decision was about stroke patients ( why stroke? Because even if mechanism of stroke is different from anoxic injury the rehabilitation programs are absolutely the same as for anoxic injured as for stroke injured patients) so this study was one of the best study I read for Hbot with spect scans and comparaisons:

Video explanation may be more easy for some of you?

So of cause afterwards I found much more studies to read 😉 and I can shere here part of them:

CP children’s:

Read this very good study (for cp)

Dr Efrati :

* Hyperbaric Oxygen Induces Late Neuroplasticity in Post Stroke Patients

* Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Improve Post Concussion Syndrome Years after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

* Improvement of Memory Impairments in Post stroke Patients by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

* Intensive rehabilitation combined with HBO2 therapy in children with cerebral palsy: A controlled longitudinal study

* Oxygen – a limiting factor for brain recovery

* Reflection on the neurotherapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen

Dr Harch:

(En français) dr Marois :

CP and neurology:

Anoxic injury (near drowning)

2-year-old Eden Carlson’s road to recovery has defied the odds and is possibly the first medical case of its kind.

case of study published:;year=2017;volume=7;issue=2;spage=144;epage=149;aulast=Harch

Interview with Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), Autism, Aspartame and Mercury

Rossignol autisme:

Stem cell mobilization by hyperbaric oxygen:

(En français) dr Marois :

In Russia we use Hbot for pregnant women ( exectly when we suspect luck of oxygen for baby)… very smal pressure an only 34% oxygen…

I have study published ( in Russian)

For the first time, a device was developed (patent for utility model No. 56117 of April 17, 2006) and a modified procedure (rationalization proposal No. 503 of 21.03.2006) for hyperbaric oxygenation in pregnant women with chronic placental insufficiency.

In this study you have comparison in table for women’s with Hbot treatments during pregnancy (best APGAR score for just born children’s)

Medical Theses

For pregnant women’s with anemia:

Women’s with epilepsy was excluded from trail

So it was 1,3 -1,5 ata hard hbot

At 6-8 weeks of pregnancy first session 5-7 days of hbot 40 min ( only 5-7 days consecutive)

Than at 16-18 weeks of pregnancy ( also hbot only for 5-7 days)

And than at 22-24 weeks of pregnancy ( only for 5-7 days)….

Conducting HBO positively influenced the clinical course of pregnancy. This is evidenced by the rapid normalization of the general condition, the disappearance of myometrium hypertension in pregnant women with the threat of termination of pregnancy. Against the background of treatment, the hemoglobin level increased in the studied patients of both groups. In this case, in cases of HBO, this increase was more pronounced. If the level of hemoglobin in the main group was 86.5 ± 1.5 g / l before the course of HBO, then after receiving the full course of HBO, 110.5 ± 1.5 g / l. In patients who received therapy without HBO, the hemoglobin indices during the whole pregnancy did not differ significantly and on average averaged 9.0 ± 1.3 mmol / l. Against the background of treatment with HBO, there was a significant increase in the number of red blood cells – by 0.12 ∙ 1012 / l (p <0.05), platelets – by 9.5 ∙ 10 9 l (p <0.05), protein level – 3.09 g / l (p <0.01) in the blood in relation to the indicators in the group with standard treatment.

Sagol Center for hyperbaric informations ( where we did Hbot for Marc)

Dr. Shai Efrati: Director of the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research, Assaf-Harofeh Medical.

Professor Shai Efrati, MD, is the Director of the Sagol center for hyperbaric medicine and research at Assaf-Harofeh Medical Center in Israel. The center, under Prof. Efrati management, has become the largest most occupied hyperbaric center worldwide, currently treating more than 150 patients per day. Prof. Efrati is also the director of Research & Development of Assaf-Harofeh Medical center, affiliated to Tel-Aviv University. Taking the two passions/positions together Dr. Efrati has initiated a research program focusing on the neuroplasticity (regeneration of brain tissue) of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). In the first clinical studies, it was proved that HBOT can induce neuroplasticity in post stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury even years after the acute Insult. The important clinical results gained from the research program have led to fruitful cooperation including multidiscipline team focusing on regeneration of injured brain.

The vital clinical results gained from the research program have shed fascinating new light on regeneration of the injured brain as well as aging tissues

Naw they are doing research for children’s with TBI .

read subtitles ) the biggest hbot center in Israel ( and prof dr Efrati)

Study 2018 Alzheimer’s disease

You have his cv and scientific publications at the end of cv

In hibrou:

blog “Brain injury hope for parents”

My blog  » Brain injury hope for parents  »

My blog was created for parents who are searching for advice and testimonials about alternatives therapies for children’s with neurological conditions. I am absolutely for mainstream medicine I am using mainstream interventions for my son as well as alternatives therapies. Just here I am talking more about alternatives not yet recognized therapies.

I am :Svetlana

Mother of Marc

Anoxic brain injury January 2016 at age 4 years 2 months ( Before his accident, he developed normally without any problems. A simple cardiogram could show his WPW But he made 2% of the population « asymptomatic », not jugged enough % for medicine to check every child ekg at birth?)

Cause of injury: (sudden cardiac death -resuscitated- asymptomatic not diagnosed WPW Wolf Parkinson Wright syndrome before his heart stoped)

More than 5 years ago my friend from USA started an online closed support group on Facebook for HBOT called “HBOT for Pediatric Neurological Conditions ”.  She asked me to be admin of group it’s happened that she afterwards « gave » me the administration of this group. Naw group become big ( more than 1800 members) parents and professionals from hbot field.

For the first time since Marc Anoxic Brain Injury , I no longer felt alone.  I have other parents that can relate to how I feel, what is going on with my son Marc and they quite simply just “get it”.

So as well as on hbot fb page here on my blog I will welcome professionals to join my blog and share their knowledge. I will welcome parents testimonials for alternatives therapies they tried for their children’s .

And all my articles will be based on our personal experience ( for my son treatments we did) as well as on scientific studies I take in account in order to make a choice for therapies applied on rehabilitation program of my son.

So my blog is for parents with brain injured children’s.

I welcome professionals to join my blog and share their knowledge. But they have to be respectful with parents: I want you to know Doctors, that we: parents can’t just “get over brain injury”….and we just can’t accept that “nothing can be done to fix it ( the brain) especially when we see some promising researches in order to “ fix it” but not recognized and so not applied in mainstream medicine….We would love to move on in life as if our child didn’t have a brain injury.  We would love to go back to that carefree attitude, a life where this horrible nightmare never happened.  Unfortunately this is our reality.  Our entire world revolves around brain injury.  We talk about it in hopes that you or your families will never have to go through what we have.

I want you to know that sometimes the things you say to make parents of injured child feel better only make them feel worse! Please don’t say “God only gives us what we can handle”, “I don’t know how you do it”, “I could never do that”, “pray harder”, “everything happens for a reason” or anything along those lines and please don’t juge parents fir whatever they doing to help their children’s.

I believe that it is not God’s will to allow my child to suffer from anoxic brain injury.  I have to believe that sometimes bad things just happen.  And I believe that for him it’s because mainstream medicine not doing cardiogramme (ECG) for all children’s at birth … doctors ask yourself haw many children’s per year injured in mainstream medical procedures and operations?

So at the same time, if you were in my shoes you would find a way to make it work too…..We have no choice and neither would you.  It’s ok if you don’t know what to say to parents. I appreciate the honesty.

Doctors I want you to know that parents refuse to settle for their brain injured children’s even when medical professionals are asking them to.  Doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeons and alike can offer their medical opinion here on my blog but that doesn’t mean that i and others parents have to agree.  Remember, at one point we ( parents of brain injured children’s) were told our child wouldn’t make it and they did.  We were told that our child would never walk, talk, eat etc and most of our children do.   So when we are being asking to settle for our child, we just won’t.  If i settled in the first place, my son most likely wouldn’t be here where he is today.  I want my child to have the best life possible! If I can help some parents on my way to helping him so they are welcome to my blog….

I want you to know all parents of brain injured children’s worry A LOT.  I am worry when my son sleeps ….Will he die overnight in his sleep from his heart syndrome ( even if we have confirmation from Rythmologue that his 5th ablation o WPW was sucsessful) during I was sleeping?

How do I prove and collaborate with the school system so my child gets the appropriate education with the right accommodations?  And if by administration this accommodations will be denied?

How to I protect my child from the cruel world who wants to judge him?

My son is a survivor of anoxic brain injury ( statistically 4% survival rate from out of hospital cardiac arrest and from all this survivals 12% only not in végétative state like my son). And I am convinced HBOT was for him a big help! Me and my husband we are a survivors as well….We have seen things that no parent should ever see.  We have heard things that haunt us daily from mainstream doctors !

I really hope that you never have to experience watching your child suffer from any type of brain injury but should it happen, know that there are other parents just like you. And that you are welcome on my blog.


Mother of Marc

En français:

En français:

Mon blog a été créé pour les parents qui recherchent des conseils et des témoignages sur les thérapies alternatives pour les enfants souffrant des troubles neurologiques.

Je suis: Svetlana

Mère de Marc

Anoxie cérébrale janvier 2016 à l’âge de 4 ans 2 mois son cœur c’est arrêtait ( Avant son accident, il développait normalement sans problème Un simple cardiogramme pouvait montrer son WPW Mais il fait 2% de la population « asymptomatique », c’est trop petit % pour que la médecine conventionnelle vérifie chaque enfant cardiogramme à la naissance?)

Cause de son anoxie: (mort subite cardiaque -réanimé – asymptomatique WPW-non diagnostiquée Syndrome de WPW Wolf Parkinson Wright avant que son cœur s’arrêt)

Il y a plus de 5 ans, mon ami des États-Unis a lancé un groupe de soutien fermé en ligne sur Facebook pour l’OHB appelé «HBOT for Pediatric Neurological Conditions». Elle m’a demandé d’être administrateur du groupe et au fil des années c’est arrivé qu’elle m’a «ensuite» donné l’administration de ce groupe complètement… oui group est en Anglais. Maintenant groupe est devenue assez grand (plus de 1800 membres) parents et professionnels de hbot ( thérapie Hyperbare).

Pour la première fois depuis acsident de Marc, je ne me suis sentais plus seul. J’ai d’autres parents qui peuvent témoigner même sentiment que je ressens, tout simplement on se «comprends » entres les parents comme ça….

Donc, ainsi que sur la page hbot de Facebook ici sur mon blog, je vais accueillir des professionnels pour rejoindre mon blog et partager leurs connaissances. J’accueillerai des témoignages de parents pour des thérapies alternatives qu’ils ont essayées pour leurs enfants.

Et tous mes articles seront basés sur notre expérience personnelle (pour les traitements alternatives non reconnus que nous avons faite notre fils) ainsi que sur des études scientifiques que je prends en compte afin de faire un choix de thérapies que j’ai appliquées au programme de réhabilitation de notre fils.

Donc, mon blog est pour les parents ayant des enfants avec les dommages au cerveau.

Je souhaite la bienvenue aux professionnels pour rejoindre mon blog et partager leurs connaissances. Mais ils doivent être respectueux avec les parents: je veux que les médecins saches que on peu pas simplement « accepter des lésions cérébrales » … et nous ne pouvons pas accepter que « rien ne peut être fait pour réparation le cerveau » surtout quand nous voyons des recherches prometteuses pour ca ….mais pas reconnues et donc pas appliquées dans la médecine traditionnelle …. Nous aimerions continuer dans la vie comme si notre enfant n’avait pas de lésion cérébrale. Nous aimerions revenir à cette attitude insouciante, une vie où cet horrible cauchemar n’est jamais arrivé. Malheureusement, c’est notre réalité. Notre monde entier tourne autour des lésions cérébrales. Nous en parlons dans l’espoir que vous ou vos familles n’auriez jamais à passer par ce que nous avons passé.

Je veux que vous -médecins -sachiez que parfois les choses que vous dites aux parents ne font que aggraver notre situation. Svpl : ne dites pas des banalités comme : « Dieu ne nous donne que ce que nous pouvons gérer », ou « Je ne sais pas comment vous faites », ou « Je ne pourrais jamais faire ça », « Priez plus fort », « Tout arrive pour une raison » ou quoi que ce soit, ne jugez pas les parents, quoi qu’ils fassent pour aider leurs enfants!

Je crois que ce n’est pas la volonté de Dieu de permettre à mon enfant de souffrir d’une lésion cérébrale anoxique. Je dois croire que parfois de mauvaises choses arrivent. Et je crois que pour lui c’est parce que la médecine conventionnelle ne fait pas de cardiogramme (ECG) pour tous les enfants à la naissance … son anoxie a pu être évité si on a fait ça !

Le médecins doit se poser le question : combien d’enfants par an ont un accident dans cadre d’un procédures et opérations médicales courantes et reconnu ?

Donc, si vous étiez à ma place, vous trouveriez que se limiter que au moyenne «  reconnus » mais qui donne aucune espoir c’est pas reasonable . Et que élargir ses recherches au sciences et pas juste expérience médicale @ reconnu » est reasonable et logic. Nous n’avons pas le choix. C’est bon si vous ne savez pas quoi dire aux parents. J’apprécie l’honnêteté des médecins.

Médecins Je veux que vous sachiez que les parents refusent de se contenter que leurs enfants avec dommages cérébraux doit être just maintenu « confortable » avec soins de confort, sans espoir de progrès : même lorsque les professionnels de la santé le leur demandent. Médecins, infirmières, thérapeutes, chirurgiens et autres peuvent offrir leur opinion médicale ici sur mon blog, mais cela ne signifie pas que moi et d’autres parents doivent être d’accord sur votre point de vue. Rappelez-vous, à un moment tout les parents d’enfants avec dommages cérébraux ont été dit QUE notre enfant ne le ferait jamais et ils l’ont fait! Contre toutes prédictions des médecins….

Donc, quand medecin nous demand de nous contenter contant avec niveau de notre enfant, nous ne le ferons pas….Si je acceptais en premier lieu en 2016 à l’hôpital les conseil pareils mon fils ne serait probablement pas là où il est aujourd’hui.

Je veux que mon enfant ait la meilleure vie possible! Si je peux aider certains parents sur le chemin, ils sont les bienvenus sur mon blog …


Maman de Marc