My selection of Hbot documents and studies:

Study which makes me decide to go to Israel and do Hyperbare for my son:

First one it was about cardiac arrest survivors:

( my son is one of them so it’s normal I wanted to go to the center Hyperbare where they did scientific study about):

“Anoxic Brain Damage (ABD)

Cognitive impairment may occur in 42-50% of cardiac arrest survivors. An additional pilot study conducted at the Sagol Hyperbaric Center at Assaf Harofe Medical Center, where patients were treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBOT) 0.5-7.5 (mean 2.6+_0.6 years)after the cardiac arrest, Even though HBOT was started at the late chronic phase, it induced significant cognitive improvements in all of the patients. The clinical improvements were well documented by neuro-cognitive tests and correlated with improved ability to perform the activities of daily living and quality of life. The most significant measurable improvements were in executive functions, attention and memory. The clinical improvement correlated with metabolic improvement of the injured brain tissue as was well visualized by brain metabolic imaging.”

( read subtitles ) the biggest hbot center in Israel ( and prof dr Efrati)

You have his cv and scientific publications at the end of cv

Second study which influenced my decision was about stroke patients ( why stroke? Because even if mechanism of stroke is different from anoxic injury the rehabilitation programs are absolutely the same as for anoxic injured as for stroke injured patients) so this study was one of the best study I read for Hbot with spect scans and comparaisons:

Video explanation may be more easy for some of you?

So of cause afterwards I found much more studies to read 😉 and I can shere here part of them:

CP children’s:

Read this very good study (for cp)

Dr Efrati :

* Hyperbaric Oxygen Induces Late Neuroplasticity in Post Stroke Patients

* Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Improve Post Concussion Syndrome Years after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

* Improvement of Memory Impairments in Post stroke Patients by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

* Intensive rehabilitation combined with HBO2 therapy in children with cerebral palsy: A controlled longitudinal study

* Oxygen – a limiting factor for brain recovery

* Reflection on the neurotherapeutic effects of hyperbaric oxygen

Dr Harch:

(En français) dr Marois :

CP and neurology:

Anoxic injury (near drowning)

2-year-old Eden Carlson’s road to recovery has defied the odds and is possibly the first medical case of its kind.

case of study published:;year=2017;volume=7;issue=2;spage=144;epage=149;aulast=Harch

Interview with Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), Autism, Aspartame and Mercury

Rossignol autisme:

Stem cell mobilization by hyperbaric oxygen:

(En français) dr Marois :

In Russia we use Hbot for pregnant women ( exectly when we suspect luck of oxygen for baby)… very smal pressure an only 34% oxygen…

I have study published ( in Russian)

For the first time, a device was developed (patent for utility model No. 56117 of April 17, 2006) and a modified procedure (rationalization proposal No. 503 of 21.03.2006) for hyperbaric oxygenation in pregnant women with chronic placental insufficiency.

In this study you have comparison in table for women’s with Hbot treatments during pregnancy (best APGAR score for just born children’s)

Medical Theses

For pregnant women’s with anemia:

Women’s with epilepsy was excluded from trail

So it was 1,3 -1,5 ata hard hbot

At 6-8 weeks of pregnancy first session 5-7 days of hbot 40 min ( only 5-7 days consecutive)

Than at 16-18 weeks of pregnancy ( also hbot only for 5-7 days)

And than at 22-24 weeks of pregnancy ( only for 5-7 days)….

Conducting HBO positively influenced the clinical course of pregnancy. This is evidenced by the rapid normalization of the general condition, the disappearance of myometrium hypertension in pregnant women with the threat of termination of pregnancy. Against the background of treatment, the hemoglobin level increased in the studied patients of both groups. In this case, in cases of HBO, this increase was more pronounced. If the level of hemoglobin in the main group was 86.5 ± 1.5 g / l before the course of HBO, then after receiving the full course of HBO, 110.5 ± 1.5 g / l. In patients who received therapy without HBO, the hemoglobin indices during the whole pregnancy did not differ significantly and on average averaged 9.0 ± 1.3 mmol / l. Against the background of treatment with HBO, there was a significant increase in the number of red blood cells – by 0.12 ∙ 1012 / l (p <0.05), platelets – by 9.5 ∙ 10 9 l (p <0.05), protein level – 3.09 g / l (p <0.01) in the blood in relation to the indicators in the group with standard treatment.

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