Denas therapy

Why I am interested in Denas therapy for cp or hie child?

First of all I have to say I am Russian origins so it’s easy to me find all scientific datas about this Device in Russian.


1) this Device has Russian license (it can be use for children with CP and they did clinical studies with this Device Denas for cp children’s)

2)there is Russian study published with Denas device for cp children’s:

Just part from study:

« It has been established that NES in the complex treatment has a positive effect on the clinical manifestations of cerebral palsy: it reduces the severity of neuro-lymphatic deficiency, causes a favorable dynamic of the clinical balance test, increases the stride length, weakened muscles, and reduces the tone of spastic muscles. It was revealed that the complex treatment with the use of NES increases the amplitude of the interference electromnogram of the leg muscles when performing voluntary movements and reduces the BEA of the muscles at rest, causing a significant improvement in the coordinator muscle relationships. It has been shown that NES has a positive effect on the bioelectric activity of the brain. »

NES= The basis of neuroadaptive electrostimulation (NES) is the impact of high-amplitude pulsed low-frequency electric current with biologically feedback that affects the central, peripheral nervous system, neuromuscular apparatus, causing the body’s neuroadaptive responses ( it was done with Denas)

3) scientific conference ( in Russian video)

4) presentation of Danes therapies on Russian tv ( in medical programs):

So that’s why I am interested to try formy son yes I bought it during our stay in Moscow I will will make you videos haw to use it on diferent zones ( because there are a lot of zones)

Hire haw it looks :

You can change language on English /French /German /Italian on menu for Denas pkm 6.

If till than you wish to start with some English videos:

And explanation:

Effects of Denas energy therapy.

1. Analgetic (Anti-Pain) Effect

Many diseases are accompanied by a pain syndrome. The pain is the cry of your body for help. The intention to lower pain is the first wish of a patient or a victim. The device is capable of meeting this wish in full. The analgetic effect comes first. That is why, alleviation is the first result of device operation which stuns the patient. Due to this fact, application of devices of DENAS energy therapy is indicated at pains of any origin (traumas, diseases, inflammatory processes).

The mechanism of pain liquidation is complex, it is described enough in special literature. One of this mechanism’s elements is generation of special substances (endorphines and others) in the human body. While operating, the device increases production of these substances in the body, which results in the fact that even patients suffered from malignant neoplasm reject gradually taking narcotics.

2. Vascular Effect

Walls of all arterial vessels have a muscular layer which tonus is regulated by the vegetative nervous system. At dilatation of peripheric vessels the blood pressure gets decreased resulting in congestion of blood, devascularization, energy deficit. At contraction of vessels their lumens get decreased or closed (vasospasm).

This results either in a decrease in blood supply or in cessation of blood supply in some organ or part of the body. Spasm of peripheral vessels may result in an increase in blood pressure.

As soon as functioning of the vegetative nervous system is balanced the tonus of vessels gets restored thus improving the supply of blood to the organ or the part of the body. The blood pressure gets normalized.

The most often is the case when disturbance of regulation of the vessel lumen manifests itself by vasospasm. Devices of DENAS energy therapy restore the regulatory ability of the vegetative nervous systems which results in dilatation of blood vessels: the arterial flow, venous outflow and lymphokinesia get improved. As the result, the blood circulation gets improved, the reserve blood vessels for parts of the body with insufficient blood circulation get opened. The stable dilatation of lumen of vessels contributes to the growth of new small blood vessels (collaterals), which is very important for parts of the body with blood-vessel occlusion or cicatrix.

Due to the effect of removal of vasospasm and its consequences application of these devices is indicated at such dangerous diseases as myocardial infarction, stroke, obliterating cndart-entis, Raynaud’s disease; at chronic diseases – myocardial ishemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, varix dilatation, thrombophlebitis; also at all diseases which are not connected directly with the vascular system but at which vessels suffer as the result of complication thus hampering therapy of the main disease (diabetic angipathy, polyneuritis, paralysis, diseases of joints, etc.).

The effect of improvement of the blood flow in the terminal bloodstream allows to apply successfully these devices for quick liquidation of edema (including allergic edema) and soft tissue bruise.

3. Effect of Relaxation of Unstriped and Skeletal Musculature

With the help of devices of DENAS energy therapy it is possible to liquidate spasm of not only from blood vessel muscles but of organs of unstriped muscles (esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, bowels, uterus, ureter, urinary bladder, etc.). That is why, devices are successfully applied at spasms of organs of unstriped muscles, at diseases of skeletal muscles, bearing disorder, scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

4. Antiedematic Effect

This effect is ensured by the vascular effect of devices: venule diameters, venous and lymph outflow get increased. Due to this effect, DENAS energy therapy is used at edemas connected with diseases of veins, heart pathology, disturbance of lymph circulation, diseases of the urogential system, insect bites, etc. The positive result may become evident in 5-10 minutes after starting the session.

5. Antiinflammatory Effect (General and Local)

As the result of DENAS energy therapy, the regulatory system mobilizes protective forces of the body for the fight with viruses, bacteria and other agents caused inflammation without general symptoms of intoxication or with them. Improvement of blood circulation in the nidus of inflammation increases sharply the number of blood cell elements which carry out phagocytosis (eating away of infection causative agents). The increase in venous outflow from the nidus of inflammation contributes to quick washing toxins produced by viruses and bacteria thus poisoning the patient out of the inter-cell space and cells of damaged tissues.

At the same time, the stimulating pulse of the device activates the cellular and humoral link of immunity thus resulting in quicker elimination of the cause of inflammation (viruses, bacteria, etc.).

Such mechanism of operation of DENAS devices either blocks the inflammatory process at its early stage (if the device is used immediately after the first symptoms arise) or accelerates all stages of the inflammatory process (approximately by 2-3 times).

Due to such action, these devices are successfully used at both local inflammatory processes (furuncles, carbuncles, hydradenitis, septic wounds, etc.) and various infection diseases (acute respiratory infection, influenza, angina, inflammatory diseases of bronchus, lung, heart, urogenital system, viral hepatitis, etc.).

6. Antipyretic Effect

DENAS devices are efficiently used to lower the high temperature of the human body at any disease. At that, the dynamics of temperature lowering differs advantageously from that at the use of medicine, since the temperature gets lowering gradually, and the body, especially the cardio-vascular system, has the time to adapt to new conditions. At lowering temperature with the help of medicine the temperature may decrease sharply (critical) which is accompanied by heavy weakness, abundant exudation, sometimes, by the loss of consciousness.

7. Antiallergic Effect

With the help of devices of DENAS energy therapy special cells and biochemical substances which reduce sensitivity of the patient’s body to the food and other allergens get produced more actively. This fact allows the successful application of DENAS devices at therapy of any allergic diseases.

8. Immunomodulatory Effect

The DENAS devices may be used at any decrease in the protective forces of the body (at disturbance of the nonspecific link, at humoral and cell immunodeficiency): of ailing children, at prolonged bronchitis and pneumonia, diarrhoea, recurrent and persistent helminthic and parasitogenic diseases, difficult-to-heal infection of the reproductive (genital) system, etc.

9. Effect of Normalization of Metabolism

The DENAS devices normalizes the lipid, carbohydrate, protein and mineral metabolism. That is why, it is recommended at diseases connected with the metabolic disorder, for example, at obesity, atherosclerosis, gout, joint diseases, etc.

10. Effect of Normalization of Hormonal Status

Due to self-modification of regulatory systems it is possible to normalize the function of endocrine glands. DENAS devices are indicated for application in endocrinology practice at diseases of the thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus, secondary sterility, and other gynecologic hormonal dysfunctions.

11. Arresting Bleeding and Trophic (Healing) Effect

This effect allows the use of devices of the DENAS energy therapy as a mean of an initial care at traumas and bleeding if the latter does not require application of tourniquet, for therapy of fresh wounds, nonhealing trophic ulcers of soft tissues of any nature and gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, ulcers of large and small intestines.

12. Effect of Breakage Gallstones and Renal Calculus

Due to recovery of self-regulating processes on the human body (distant effect), normal biochemical composition of bile and urine and their lithogenicity are restored. That is why, DENAS devices are successfully used at therapy of urolithiasis and cholelithiasis.

13. Cosmetic Effect

The use of DENAS devices normalizes the hormonal status, improves hemodynamics and trophism of the skin and its derivatives.

That is why, DENAS devices are successfully used at correction of problem spots and prevention of skin ageing.

14. Reanimation Effect

The DENAS devices are successfully used as the first care at faint, syncope, acute stroke, attack of asthma, hypertensic crisis, alcoholic and narcotic intoxication and at other emergency cases.

15. Anti-Stress (General Regulating) Effect

The use of DENAS devices is indicated at symptoms of asthenia, weariness, general crustiness, disturbance of the sleep formula, at wrong eating, eating of ecologically contaminated food products, drinking of ecologically contaminated water, breathing ecologically contaminated air, at physical, mental or psychic fatigue, at exposure to intense electromagnetic and other geophysical and geochemical fields (both natural and man-made), at radiation, at family and social conflicts, at difficult life collisions, during recovery from any infectious and non-infectious diseases, at surplus consumption of alcohol, drugs, toxic narcotic-like substances; after surgery and at patients suffered from oncology diseases.

so I bought Denas Device and all électrodes for my son in Moscow clinic

And I think to take some external électrodes:

Dens feet’s Denas-Reflexo

Electro neuro stimulation and massage of feet reflex zones

New external electrode – Denas-Reflexo is produced from an innovative shockproof material – conductive plastic.

It is made in the shape of a square platform with a slight elevation in the middle and is covered with rounded spikes.

This design allows the use to achieve close contact with the whole feet skin area, including the arch, which helps to improve DENAS therapy efficiency.

Other than this, the spikes stimulate the skin’s receptors mechanically in the feet and facilitate additional effects.

There are two significant groups of indications for dynamic electro neuro stimulation with Denas-Reflexo.

The 1st group of indications – when we need to reach local therapeutic effects, solving orthopedic problems such as feet joints diseases, arthrosis, arthritis, gout, flatfoot, valgus deformity (when bone or joint is twisted outward from the center of the body), traumas and other problems.

Vascular problems are considered a part of local therapeutic effects, such as varicose, chronic venous insufficiency, accompanied by feeling of tiredness and puffiness in legs, which intensifies by the end of the day.

A disruption of arterial blood flow is also considered a type of vascular problem, or so called occlusive diseases: atherosclerosis, endarteritis, diabetic foot lesion, including trophic disorders. Furthermore, DENAS therapy is indicated for lymphatic drainage disorder or so called lymph stasis.

The electro stimulation is applied in cases of peripheral nerve lesions in the lower extremities as well as in cases of diabetic or radiculitis (spine pathology) origin.

The 2nd significant group of Denas-Reflexo indications are conditions in which we want to achieve a general regulatory effect. According to classical Su Jok feet system there is a projection of all internal body organs in feet (see pic. below).

Therefore, an indication for feet DENAS procedure are syndromes of chronic fatigue, emotional, physical and mental overstrain/stress, mood swings, anxiety, depression, frequent migraines, sleep disorders and many other problems.

Denas-Reflexo application turns dynamic electro neuro stimulation into an extremely comfortable and convenient procedure. All you have to do is to connect the Denas-Reflexo applicator to any universal Denas unit, place your feet on the platform, as demonstrated, and select an appropriate stimulation program.

Work with:

DiaDens-PCM-3, DiaDens-T-2, Denas device-2, Denas-PCM-4, Denas-T-3, Denas-3, DiaDens-PC

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