Not all text of this one, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29804339

But only conclusion : ( if someone wants to translate for us from Hebrew all text please contact me ūüôā

could you please pm me? It looks interesting..


Heres the summary from google translate:

Hyperbolic Oxygen – Basic principles and new applications


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is used as a primary treatment and as a complementary treatment for a wide variety of problems. Which can be classified into two groups of medical parenting: primary pressure treatment (eg The increase in the amount of free oxygen molecules during treatment in a pressure chamber allows for a diffuse force(Diffusion) is greater to the tissue and a significant increase in the amount of oxygen that reaches to the mitochondria in the cell.

The most common indications are related to the use of hyperbolic oxygen to treat wounds that are difficult to heal. With However, in a series of clinical and pre-clinical studies from recent years, it has been shown that the increase amount of oxygen in brain tissue damaged by injury so oxygen delivery with hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a beneficial effect In many physiological aspects: raising neroplasticity, restoring mitochondrial function, and creating blood vessels with improved local and systemic brain and blood vessels, changing the necessary environmental conditions The reduction of neuronal responses, and increased brain metabolism

The beneficial effect is in areas where there is a discrepancy between the anatomical damage And the metabolic functions of brain cells. Studies from recent years show that treatment Hyperbolic oxygen can play a significant role in brain rehabilitation processes in patients after Brain events, patients with neurogenic disorders after head trauma and in some patients With chronic pain syndrome (fibromyalgia). The new studies bring new insights into the Processes of healing and functioning of the brain and develop additional avenues of research.

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