HBOT efficacy in brain repair

The recent evidence for HBOT efficacy in brain repair and the new understanding of brain energy management and response to damage opens new therapeutically fields that will be further investigated in the upcoming years.

Very interesting article ( from pediatric doctor who had herself TBI and did Hyperbare in Israel)

Video :

Video is in English do listen it: (it’s explain really well about brain and why hbot can help neurological conditions : it’s started with strokes than TBI than fibromyalgia etc….)

« Clinical studies published in the last 3 years present convincing evidences that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be the coveted neurotherapeutic method for brain repair. HBOT is a treatment in which oxygen-enriched air (up to 100%) is administrated to patients in a chamber where the pressure is elevated above 1ATA (one atmosphere absolute, which is the ambient atmospheric pressure). It is now realized, that the combined action of hyperoxia and hyperbaric pressure, leads to significant improvement in tissue oxygenation while targeting both oxygen and pressure sensitive genes, resulting in improved mitochondrial metabolism with anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the oxygen fluctuation generated by HBOT stimulates stem cells proliferation, HIF increased (The hyperoxide paradox) and brain angiogenesis. The lecture will introduce the current understanding of the multi-faceted role of HBOT in neurotherapeutics and the new understanding of brain energy management and response to trauma in general  »

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