Just thank you dr Pappone

My son has had 5 heart operations ( it’s ablation of his WPW) wolff Parkinson’s wight syndrome. It’s a mainstream operation but in France 2 doctors couldn’t do this operation successfully -they attempted 3 operations here in France.

I had to find best doctor in world ( in Italy) he is professor and researcher in this domain : Rythmologie and his heart hospital has other techniques- 5 catheters ablation, named

« Pappone ablation technique » so he was finally successful!

I am very grateful to dr Pappone ( Italy for sucsessful ablation of WPW)


There isn’t a hospital in the world that doesn’t use technology designed by Dr. Carlo Pappone:


I have to say by French mainstream doctors wasn’t very helpful in order to find him….

And Marc had 4th ablation with dr Pappone 14 March 2018. It was good ablation but still we foud he has some ( very small rest of wpw in May so dr Pappone made 21 May again ablation and this 5th ablation finally fucsessful … we checked his ekg 14 September 2018 it’s perfect … )

He is cured for life from his heat syndrome!!!!!

We are very happy 😃

Happpy ( it was very long battle and only because of my stubborn character we could find doctor who cure him for his heart syndrome).

Don’t be affraid to search always for doctors we need best in the world.

It must be said we had not very good doctors for his previous ablations….in France…..

1st dr who ablated 2 times my son in Grenoble said :that his Kent pathaways was so baldly located that he need to cut his heart in order to ablated him complitely ( Pappone didn’t cut his heart ❤️)

Second dr in paris said that radiofricwancy was not enoth profound ( his wpw was more profound) so that’s why his 3d ablation didin’t work ( Pappone use radiofricwancy also for his ablation ❤️ so it becomes less profound in 5 months or just doctors before wasn’t so good?)

Pappone said I will ablate Him successfully .

He did ! Ont one thing still make me angry against our French medical system : as dr Pappone said that his anoxic injury could be avoided …. absolutely…..if we had different system for cardiac tests for all children’s….. it’s making me said.

Just read this study for asymptomatic WPW:


« Ablation groupe :

Ablation Group

The 37 patients who underwent ablation were followed for a median of 27 months (range, 9 to 60). Two patients had an arrhythmic event, one at 9 months and the other at 26 months. Repeated electrophysiological testing revealed an atrioventricular-node reentrant tachycardia in both patients, who underwent successful slow-pathway ablation. »

« Control group ( without ablation)

Control Group

The 35 controls were followed for a median of 21 months (range, 8 to 60). All patients continued to exhibit ventricular preexcitation during follow-up. After a median follow-up of 15 months (range, 8 to 53), 21 patients (60 percent) had had arrhythmic events. The arrhythmic event was supraventricular tachycardia in 15 patients (leading to severe presyncope in 1 patient), atrial fibrillation in 5 patients (1 with syncope and 3 with presyncope), and ventricular fibrillation as the presenting symptom in 1 patient (a 22-year-old man). This man became unconscious during jogging. In the emergency department, he was found to be in cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation that was successfully cardioverted only after six shocks of up to 300 J. Base-line electrophysiological testing had induced an atrioventricular reciprocating tachycardia triggering atrial fibrillation; the shortest preexcited RR interval had been 200 msec. Multiple septal accessory pathways were found on both the right and the left sides. »

60% had arythmia events ! From control group


So why asymptomatic Wpw considered not dangerous ?

So why every child can’t have EKG test at birth ? In order to find out if child has asymptomatic Wpw ?

You know my son never used normal ways in his heart before operations ( he was using Only Kent ways) and it was visible on his first ekg…. so why his first ekg we had only AFTER his cardiac arrest ? Why not just routine check for just born child?

I can’t change the past all what I can: to tell others parents.

It’s not true that drugs against your tachycardia for Wpw without side effects :

They are! They makes your tired they kill your intestinal flora….

They are toxic….

So think 🤔




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