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Book /Livre

Voilà mon livre « Marc L’invincible » est désormais en ligne et disponible* à l’achat dans la boutique Kindle: ( en français)

« Marc L’invincible: L’histoire vraie d’une récupération remarquable, après arrêt cardiaque et lésions cérébrales anoxiques », est désormais disponible en livre broché dans la boutique Amazon. Les lecteurs peuvent l’acheter:

Here is my book « Marc L’invincible » is now online and available * for purchase in the Kindle store: (in French)

I will do English translation ( just give me some time)

Ici lien vers page de Écrivain-biographe basée à Grenoble -Membre des Compagnons Biographes – Julie Lucquet qui à prêter son plume pour raconter notre histoire :

Haw about being accepted by friends in school for « special » children’s ?

I will tell you my point of vue on this question :

Marc has a lot of friends

But honestly I did maximum in order to get all children’s and parents «  on my sight «  after Marc accsident at the beginning it was not obvious …

It’s exactly what I am doing :

Social life is very very important target so during 2 years II worked for this goal for Marc

I see results this year …( I have a chance because I am « not working mum » but in fact I do my job exactly this way : who can invite 5-6 neurological normal friends at home every week and play with them during 3-4 hours per day????….. so I am not working mum who do it for my child… i think I invest better than any proffecionel in this point….)

But I need professionals in parts I can’t do… 😉

Others parents don’t want to do efforts for your child ( or at least not much who will do)

It’s like this

It’s reality

When you know this and do all yourself without counting on them everything is easygoing…

And if it’s interesting to come to your home to theirs children’s they will ask to come from their parents and so … you will start invite for weekend for cake and coffee …. so you start create sosial links with parents and children’s….

Just don’t wait that they will invite you in reteurn

It’s will be always you who will do much more than others parents 😉

Yes it’s the best motivation for my son Marc so that’s why I do my own “friends” programm and every week planing ( yes you need to send messages /phone calls in order to plan 5-6 invitations per week).

Often parents they don’t have time / motivation to play with theirs children’s at home ( I do have this time and my hasbend is playing with kids just exeptional during weekends ! They love to play with him)

I know 11 children’s from his class and parents and we continue doing new friends of cause absolutely!

(so well I know to play with them in social games somtimes can be very boring for adults and we as parents somtimes wants just to rest I know all this! ) I have à chance naw Marc can a bit play just alone between children’s but it wasn’t so evident 2 years ago …

and yes somtimes I am inviting 2 his best friends ( boys) to sleep at home so we can have pyjamas parties 😉 and dansing 😉

Yes I will tell you it’s a lot of job /coking/playing

But it’s worth 😉

But you can’t imagine what I feel this year when children’s I don’t know yet from his class comme to me and ask : “ please can you invite me to eat with Marc?” I am also in his clas I am his friend”… and so – I ask marc” hey you know this boy you want invite him home?”

And his pleasure to tel me yes I want yes he is playing with me at school ….or So other day “mum can you invite this boy …etc…”

This is really cool feeling….

A lot of job but so cool!


It is a long way but it’s worth !

AS said it took me 2 years to get back Marc socialisation after his Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

I started with 2 best friends invited regulary at home ( for 2-3 hours) – weekend.

Than I started to invite friends to eat with Marc at home during lunches ( it’s of cause me who organize all I am going to school taking children’s / make them eat together and playing – and bring them back to school) – parents need only tell to school that they give me permission to take their children’s for lunch ( so not much trouble for other parents or any trouble for their daily plans)

Naw I am in fact : at level 3 lunches per week ( every time I invite only one friend )

And Friday evening – very often he is playing with friends ( after school)

And 2 others children’s for 4 hours invited to play each Saturday and Sunday !

Yah planing for Ministry of Foreign Affaires has less appointments 😉

( exept week-end we travel of cause)

So 6 friends per week!

It’s a real job I have 😉

Kids club

But it’s so worth it!

And if you know haw Marc is happy to has all his friends !