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Book /Livre

Voilà mon livre « Marc L’invincible » est désormais en ligne et disponible* à l’achat dans la boutique Kindle: ( en français)

« Marc L’invincible: L’histoire vraie d’une récupération remarquable, après arrêt cardiaque et lésions cérébrales anoxiques », est désormais disponible en livre broché dans la boutique Amazon. Les lecteurs peuvent l’acheter:

Here is my book « Marc L’invincible » is now online and available * for purchase in the Kindle store: (in French)

I will do English translation ( just give me some time)

Ici lien vers page de Écrivain-biographe basée à Grenoble -Membre des Compagnons Biographes – Julie Lucquet qui à prêter son plume pour raconter notre histoire :

My comparaison of ABM (Anat Baniel ) and Feldenkrais

1) What about official sientific researchers about Feldenkrais and Anat BanielMethod?

So as usual for any alternatives therapies I did my own  » research  » ….why to make any research about official scientific studies for alternatives ( not recognized by mainstream medicine) therapies? It’s simple: or therapies has at least some scientific studies that’s means for me that they want to be recognized / accepted by mainstream medicine and they are doing efforts for their patients ( in order to be payed by insurance) and not directly from pocket of parents/ patients….

So on link you can find what  » mainstream medicine  » thinks about both therapies:

But I want to say I send them my « scientific findings » about Feldenkrais by mail:

will see if they will answer me?

So what I found:

1)I have found it. It is interesting: Feldenkrais Method (FM) : 2 links on scientific studies so for this method we have some efforts in order to be recognized….. obviously not yet enough for mainstream medicine:

But for mainstream Medcine 2 links I gave is not not enough :

2)Anat Baniel Method – ( no links ) sorry I didn’t found any published research ….she obviously not interested in any scientific studies…..or she has to recognized that studies for Feldenkrais Method (FM) is enough for her method because it’s same basis ???? So than again what is the difference than in methods?

Hire you can find a good summary of the most recently published studies on the Feldenkrais Method in the editorial of the Feldenkrais Journal. It mentions the systematic reviews that I have mentioned before, as well as research published after those reviews:

It’s worth quoting in full a portion of that editorial: « One ongoing challenge in investigating the outcomes of the Feldenkrais Method is that it is very difficult to ‘blind’ trials for practices like Feldenkrais (for example, for participants to not know whether they are receiving the “intervention” or not). Even with sham interventions, participants will often be able to guess fairly accurately which is the real intervention and which is the sham (Licciardone and Russo 2006). This lack of blinding is one of the reasons that the evidence in Feldenkrais outcome studies frequently receives a lower level of evidence rating. Buchanan draws on work by Mehling, DiBlasi, and Hecht (2005) to suggest ways that this risk of bias can be dealt with in studies of practices like the Feldenkrais Method. »

With this in mind, I wonder if « objective » evidence for the efficacy of the method may be strengthened with fMRI and other brain activity studies; I have only seen one by Verrel et al (2015), which is mentioned in that editorial. I would be interested in hearing more about work done in this domain????? 😉

I will not put the name of our Feldenkrais practioner in this article because this article is about ONLY MY OWN feelings and reflections only in prosess to find best and most confortable way for us as family to use for him such kind of therapie…

So First I read a book : the Norman Doidge book, « the brain’s way of healing », in one of chapters he is talking about Feldenkrais method and haw Anat Baniel studed with Moshe Feldenkrais….

So I started to search about both of this methods.

I was adviced by a lot of parents about ABM

( it’s obvious Anat Baniel Method is more popular in USA….)

But my question was:

What is the difference between Dr. Feldenkrais’ Method and the Anat Baniel Method? Logical question isn’t it?

As well as the prices difference ?

As all parents I know haw much it cost all therapies ( haw much we need to travel in order to make our children’s progress)….

So what I did :

I asked prices for 3 centers of ABM ( you can find their answer from Anat center on photo)

And I asked a prices of Feldenkrais practitioner (in GRENOBLE in france in town i live and i found that to get personalized privat treatment at my own home is the best and less expensive way so that’s why I chooses Feldenkrais) it seems Fire me more much more better than to go somewhere for expensive intensive therapy.

So Feldenkrais practitioner private lessons price:60€/ per hour .

I think ( and it’s only my opinion ok?) comparing to ABM prices it’s more reasonable and more confortable option let’s say and just at my home I don’t need to travel and to pay accommodations and tickets.

Yes may be ABM is more specific to children but Anat Baniel is over rated and over priced even if her practitioners are great. This is my opinion.

I am trying to be honest with myself and with others parents who reading my posts … they are my public … because we have injured children’s ….

so I may somtimes not « usual for you » and to direct ok take it like my Russian soul ok? I am direct I am Russian tank in order to save my child…..

So what may be not all parents know that there was in a Court’s because of the fact that this … Anat Baniel studied the Feldenkrais Method under Dr. Moshe….. she was juged for I don’t know haw to name it? Don’t wanted to use hard word but me it’s bother me ….( she gained by the way she must have very good avocat)….:)

Yes Anat was trained in 1977

And she was Feldenkrais practioner till 1987 (10 years before they « separated »)…

As I said I meant that both methods in fact is the same method ….. for me it’s looks like this ?

Just I don’t find prices of ABM not fair in comparison ho original method Feldenkrais she was thought originally and she is not the only one trained by Moshe….( I have the right to think what I want about price policy ;)…

And don’t forget Moshe trained personally 323 people !!!!!

One of them in New York for example ….

I think one of them ( traind personally by Moshe in New York Feldenkrais center:) you can check it : David Zemach-Bersin

This was my point:

Dr Feldenkrais trained personally three groups of people to be teachers in the Feldenkrais Method. The first group in 1969, was trained in Tel Aviv,13 people. The second group graduated 60 teachers in the USA in 1977.

In 1983 Feldenkrais managed to train his third group of teachers, 250 in number. These teachers under Dr. Feldenkrais’ instruction, founded the Feldenkrais Guild in the USA.

Hire you can find about court’s papers:

But honestly do you really think she invented her method or changed it so profoundly that it worth so big difference in price?

very good marketing 👏 bravo

I prefer to stay with original Feldenkrais Method and honest prices 😉 and feelings….

Why I think about this I just think that a lot of parents never go so deeply in their research…..before starting any therapies 😉

It’s dosent meant that ABM is not good method but honestly 900$ for Anat Baniel personal consultation 45minutes????

So I don’t like when I see such kind of thing I I just want to tell parents)….

What I am trying to tell hire it’s « big picture » take a perspective 😉

Anat chagring more than Professor Pappone 😉one of the best cardiac chirurgien of the world ( for his consultation he is Professor he is doing 5-6 operations on heart per operations day and he is the one invented method for incurable before him Brugada syndrome….) no it’s not only matter of location ( like California) …. it’s only my feelings….

If you think she deserves 900$ for consultation …..and it’s ok fo you so go with it…..

Dr Pappone is one of the most famous cardiac ( in fact Rythmologue doctor of this planet )….and charging 450€

Anat 900$….so

It’s your choice….if you think it’s honest price…..

My son has had 5 heart operations ( it’s ablation of his WPW) wolf Parkinson’s wight syndrome. It’s a mainstream operation but in France 2 doctors couldn’t do this operation successfully -they attempted 3 operations here in France.

I had to find best doctor in world ( in Italy) he is professor and researcher in this domain : Rythmologie and his heart hospital has other techniques- 5 catheters ablation, named

« Pappone ablation technique » so he was finally successful! There isn’t a hospital in the world that doesn’t use technology designed by Dr. Carlo Pappone

Exploring the next frontier in cardiovascular disease

( I payed 450€ for consultation with him = one of the best rhythmologtist Dr Papponne he is operated my son for his heart syndrome he is chirurgien one of the best on heart fir thachicardias and arytmias…. sorry he is just 5 head taller in knowledge and education than Anet … Professor Pappone has more than than 200 scientific studies and publications more than 100 tousends hearts operations …. and he is taking 450€ for consultation ! With cardiogramme and ultrasound of heart included in price!)

So what I think about method Feldenkrais:

First : I like it it’s different type of physical therapy I don’t know haw explains better it’s just diferent… I felt it on my own body so can testimonial this. But my question in my « very logical head »was: if it was studed by scientific means? Lol 😂

I see just some gains in Marc lately with Feldenkrais’ Method just some more openings of both hands

May be a bit more energy… and balance….but I think it’s must be long therapy so I will continue once a week for next year will see the results and I will tell you than of cause …. but as usual for my son it will be mixture of results ( because we are doing not only one but severa therapies at the same time…)

Feldenkrais is extremely popular in some communities (e.g., dance), and its participants are strong believers in the approach. The foundation of the approach is based on knowledge/beliefs about the nervous system in the mid-20th century regarding sensorimotor education and the best approach to teaching new or « more efficient » movement patterns. This basis badly needs to be updated based on current knowledge of the nervous system, especially motor learning and systems neuroscience.

Thank for reading.

blog “Brain injury hope for parents”

My blog  » Brain injury hope for parents  »

My blog was created for parents who are searching for advice and testimonials about alternatives therapies for children’s with neurological conditions. I am absolutely for mainstream medicine I am using mainstream interventions for my son as well as alternatives therapies. Just here I am talking more about alternatives not yet recognized therapies.

I am :Svetlana

Mother of Marc

Anoxic brain injury January 2016 at age 4 years 2 months ( Before his accident, he developed normally without any problems. A simple cardiogram could show his WPW But he made 2% of the population « asymptomatic », not jugged enough % for medicine to check every child ekg at birth?)

Cause of injury: (sudden cardiac death -resuscitated- asymptomatic not diagnosed WPW Wolf Parkinson Wright syndrome before his heart stoped)

More than 2 years ago my friend from USA started an online closed support group on Facebook for HBOT called “HBOT for Pediatric Neurological Conditions ”.  She asked me to be admin of group it’s happened that she afterwards « gave » me the administration of this group. Naw group become big ( more than 1800 members) parents and professionals from hbot field.

For the first time since Marc Anoxic Brain Injury , I no longer felt alone.  I have other parents that can relate to how I feel, what is going on with my son Marc and they quite simply just “get it”.

So as well as on hbot fb page here on my blog I will welcome professionals to join my blog and share their knowledge. I will welcome parents testimonials for alternatives therapies they tried for their children’s .

And all my articles will be based on our personal experience ( for my son treatments we did) as well as on scientific studies I take in account in order to make a choice for therapies applied on rehabilitation program of my son.

So my blog is for parents with brain injured children’s.

I welcome professionals to join my blog and share their knowledge. But they have to be respectful with parents: I want you to know Doctors, that we: parents can’t just “get over brain injury”….and we just can’t accept that “nothing can be done to fix it ( the brain) especially when we see some promising researches in order to “ fix it” but not recognized and so not applied in mainstream medicine….We would love to move on in life as if our child didn’t have a brain injury.  We would love to go back to that carefree attitude, a life where this horrible nightmare never happened.  Unfortunately this is our reality.  Our entire world revolves around brain injury.  We talk about it in hopes that you or your families will never have to go through what we have.

I want you to know that sometimes the things you say to make parents of injured child feel better only make them feel worse! Please don’t say “God only gives us what we can handle”, “I don’t know how you do it”, “I could never do that”, “pray harder”, “everything happens for a reason” or anything along those lines and please don’t juge parents fir whatever they doing to help their children’s.

I believe that it is not God’s will to allow my child to suffer from anoxic brain injury.  I have to believe that sometimes bad things just happen.  And I believe that for him it’s because mainstream medicine not doing cardiogramme (ECG) for all children’s at birth … doctors ask yourself haw many children’s per year injured in mainstream medical procedures and operations?

So at the same time, if you were in my shoes you would find a way to make it work too…..We have no choice and neither would you.  It’s ok if you don’t know what to say to parents. I appreciate the honesty.

Doctors I want you to know that parents refuse to settle for their brain injured children’s even when medical professionals are asking them to.  Doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeons and alike can offer their medical opinion here on my blog but that doesn’t mean that i and others parents have to agree.  Remember, at one point we ( parents of brain injured children’s) were told our child wouldn’t make it and they did.  We were told that our child would never walk, talk, eat etc and most of our children do.   So when we are being asking to settle for our child, we just won’t.  If i settled in the first place, my son most likely wouldn’t be here where he is today.  I want my child to have the best life possible! If I can help some parents on my way to helping him so they are welcome to my blog….

I want you to know all parents of brain injured children’s worry A LOT.  I am worry when my son sleeps ….Will he die overnight in his sleep from his heart syndrome ( even if we have confirmation from Rythmologue that his 5th ablation o WPW was sucsessful) during I was sleeping?

How do I prove and collaborate with the school system so my child gets the appropriate education with the right accommodations?  And if by administration this accommodations will be denied?

How to I protect my child from the cruel world who wants to judge him?

My son is a survivor of anoxic brain injury ( statistically 4% survival rate from out of hospital cardiac arrest and from all this survivals 12% only not in végétative state like my son). And I am convinced HBOT was for him a big help! Me and my husband we are a survivors as well….We have seen things that no parent should ever see.  We have heard things that haunt us daily from mainstream doctors !

I really hope that you never have to experience watching your child suffer from any type of brain injury but should it happen, know that there are other parents just like you. And that you are welcome on my blog.


Mother of Marc

En français:

En français:

Mon blog a été créé pour les parents qui recherchent des conseils et des témoignages sur les thérapies alternatives pour les enfants souffrant des troubles neurologiques.

Je suis: Svetlana

Mère de Marc

Anoxie cérébrale janvier 2016 à l’âge de 4 ans 2 mois son cœur c’est arrêtait ( Avant son accident, il développait normalement sans problème Un simple cardiogramme pouvait montrer son WPW Mais il fait 2% de la population « asymptomatique », c’est trop petit % pour que la médecine conventionnelle vérifie chaque enfant cardiogramme à la naissance?)

Cause de son anoxie: (mort subite cardiaque -réanimé – asymptomatique WPW-non diagnostiquée Syndrome de WPW Wolf Parkinson Wright avant que son cœur s’arrêt)

Il y a plus de 2 ans, mon ami des États-Unis a lancé un groupe de soutien fermé en ligne sur Facebook pour l’OHB appelé «HBOT for Pediatric Neurological Conditions». Elle m’a demandé d’être administrateur du groupe et au fil des années c’est arrivé qu’elle m’a «ensuite» donné l’administration de ce groupe complètement… oui group est en Anglais. Maintenant groupe est devenue assez grand (plus de 1800 membres) parents et professionnels de hbot ( thérapie Hyperbare).

Pour la première fois depuis acsident de Marc, je ne me suis sentais plus seul. J’ai d’autres parents qui peuvent témoigner même sentiment que je ressens, tout simplement on se «comprends » entres les parents comme ça….

Donc, ainsi que sur la page hbot de Facebook ici sur mon blog, je vais accueillir des professionnels pour rejoindre mon blog et partager leurs connaissances. J’accueillerai des témoignages de parents pour des thérapies alternatives qu’ils ont essayées pour leurs enfants.

Et tous mes articles seront basés sur notre expérience personnelle (pour les traitements alternatives non reconnus que nous avons faite notre fils) ainsi que sur des études scientifiques que je prends en compte afin de faire un choix de thérapies que j’ai appliquées au programme de réhabilitation de notre fils.

Donc, mon blog est pour les parents ayant des enfants avec les dommages au cerveau.

Je souhaite la bienvenue aux professionnels pour rejoindre mon blog et partager leurs connaissances. Mais ils doivent être respectueux avec les parents: je veux que les médecins saches que on peu pas simplement « accepter des lésions cérébrales » … et nous ne pouvons pas accepter que « rien ne peut être fait pour réparation le cerveau » surtout quand nous voyons des recherches prometteuses pour ca ….mais pas reconnues et donc pas appliquées dans la médecine traditionnelle …. Nous aimerions continuer dans la vie comme si notre enfant n’avait pas de lésion cérébrale. Nous aimerions revenir à cette attitude insouciante, une vie où cet horrible cauchemar n’est jamais arrivé. Malheureusement, c’est notre réalité. Notre monde entier tourne autour des lésions cérébrales. Nous en parlons dans l’espoir que vous ou vos familles n’auriez jamais à passer par ce que nous avons passé.

Je veux que vous -médecins -sachiez que parfois les choses que vous dites aux parents ne font que aggraver notre situation. Svpl : ne dites pas des banalités comme : « Dieu ne nous donne que ce que nous pouvons gérer », ou « Je ne sais pas comment vous faites », ou « Je ne pourrais jamais faire ça », « Priez plus fort », « Tout arrive pour une raison » ou quoi que ce soit, ne jugez pas les parents, quoi qu’ils fassent pour aider leurs enfants!

Je crois que ce n’est pas la volonté de Dieu de permettre à mon enfant de souffrir d’une lésion cérébrale anoxique. Je dois croire que parfois de mauvaises choses arrivent. Et je crois que pour lui c’est parce que la médecine conventionnelle ne fait pas de cardiogramme (ECG) pour tous les enfants à la naissance … son anoxie a pu être évité si on a fait ça !

Le médecins doit se poser le question : combien d’enfants par an ont un accident dans cadre d’un procédures et opérations médicales courantes et reconnu ?

Donc, si vous étiez à ma place, vous trouveriez que se limiter que au moyenne «  reconnus » mais qui donne aucune espoir c’est pas reasonable . Et que élargir ses recherches au sciences et pas juste expérience médicale @ reconnu » est reasonable et logic. Nous n’avons pas le choix. C’est bon si vous ne savez pas quoi dire aux parents. J’apprécie l’honnêteté des médecins.

Médecins Je veux que vous sachiez que les parents refusent de se contenter que leurs enfants avec dommages cérébraux doit être just maintenu « confortable » avec soins de confort, sans espoir de progrès : même lorsque les professionnels de la santé le leur demandent. Médecins, infirmières, thérapeutes, chirurgiens et autres peuvent offrir leur opinion médicale ici sur mon blog, mais cela ne signifie pas que moi et d’autres parents doivent être d’accord sur votre point de vue. Rappelez-vous, à un moment tout les parents d’enfants avec dommages cérébraux ont été dit QUE notre enfant ne le ferait jamais et ils l’ont fait! Contre toutes prédictions des médecins….

Donc, quand medecin nous demand de nous contenter contant avec niveau de notre enfant, nous ne le ferons pas….Si je acceptais en premier lieu en 2016 à l’hôpital les conseil pareils mon fils ne serait probablement pas là où il est aujourd’hui.

Je veux que mon enfant ait la meilleure vie possible! Si je peux aider certains parents sur le chemin, ils sont les bienvenus sur mon blog …


Maman de Marc